Friday, January 4, 2013

non-emotional baggage.

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///Cambridge Satchel Company, I got this music bag as a gift for my birthday a few years ago and now Urban Outfitters has a licensing deal with them.  Make of that what you will, I sure do.

///Custom iPhone Case, I have a sister who is the bee's knees and there will be more on that later, but in the meantime, she made this bitchin' iPhone case.  End scene.

///Rosebud Salve, Hi, have you been in New York recently?  Probably not because who comes to the arctic?  No one with smooth lips that's for sure.

///Louis Vuitton Wallet, if you want one of these you should probably go to law school and ask your parents to buy you one for graduation.  You can get one here but I would just as soon skip the former and pinch pennies for the latter.

///Madova Leather Gloves, the next time you're in Firenze, which I'm guessing is fairly often, you must get bespoke racing gloves at the loveliest glove shop in Italy.

///Sabon Hand CreamI'm not really sure why you think I would put gnarly hands into my gloves, because I wouldn't.  My boyfriend's mother agrees and thusly gave me hand cream on Christmas.

///Vintage Ted Lapidus, I love vintage Ted Lapidus in a way that can rarely be captured on paper.  I intend in the near future to plaster the internet with photos of my adorned face, but for now rhapsody will suffice.

///Marc Jacobs Key Chain, I remember getting one of these from the $5 bin at the original Bleecker Street store, I guess nothing last forever.

///Old Charm Necklace, I traded a different old necklace with Chelsea  for this one.  Isn't this exciting?

///Business Card, This was at the bottom of my bag.  Eat here, that's really all I can say about that.

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