Thursday, February 28, 2013

Say What? Cézanne. You're going to get that on the walk home.

Young Italian Girl Resting on Her Elbow 
c. 1900 (150 Kb); Oil on canvas, 92 x 73 cm (36 1/4 x 28 3/4 in)
Collection Dr. and Mrs. William Rosenthal, New York; Venturi 701

Hortense Fiquet in a Striped Skirt 
1877-78 (160 Kb); Oil on canvas, 72.5 x 56 cm (28 1/2 x 22") 
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Venturi no. 292 

Woman Seated in Blue 
1900-02 (120 Kb); Oil on canvas, 88.5 x 72 cm (34 3/4 x 28 3/8")
State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg; Venturi no. 705 
I know that this post is about fashion, but when I was at the Hermitage last summer and saw that Cezanne I started hysterically laughing.  Like, the uncontrollable fit that only happens in the most inappropriate place at the most inane time, like on a tour of the Hermitage with my boyfriend and a couple from Australia.  Woman Seated in Blue is clearly Maggie Smith.  No?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

wordless wednesday.

My will to speak is quite strong, so this is tough.  
Here goes:
Zoo, Amsterdam
Overpass, Stockholm
Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen 

Amazing Instrumental, Olafur Arnalds

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dear Liebster Award, eventually I am going to claim the moral high ground in this relationship. XO, Amanda

When Amanda of Denim & Daydreams nominated me, 
I was like, "Awesome name, What's a Liebster?"  
Guess what? I still don't totally know, but I am super excited!
Here we go: 
1. Link back to the person who nominated you
2. Write 11 facts about yourself once nominated
3. Answer the 11 questions from the person who nominated you
4. Come up with 11 questions for the 11 people you nominate

(1) I have a withering stare; (2) I am trying very hard to quit my job but work keeps coming in; (3) My sister is the funniest person I have ever met, true story; (4) I go disappearing a lot.  Last summer I went to Europe for seven weeks and told approximately three people who weren't my parents before I left; (4) My mix-tape is a masterpiece; (5) In the past three years, I broke my coccyx bone.  Twice; (6) I buy red wine by the case and there is usually no less than 20 bottles in the house at a time; (7) I go to great lengths to avoid public transport in the United States, but have used public transit all over Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Literally, I do not ride the NYC subway. No matter what, ever; (8) My grip on reality is rather loose and thus I am constantly managing my unwieldy expectations; (9) I drove my first car into the back of an oil truck, because I was turned around getting something from the back seat.  Let’s call it a compact disc from 1999, but know that I was really reaching for something else; (10) I went to a very small, odd college and joined a sorority while I was there.  Anyone who knows me can understand how woefully out of character that was; and (11) My girl crush on Scarlett Johansson is as genuine as my irrational hatred for Anne Hathaway.

Questions from:
Denim & Daydreams

What is your favorite store?
are among the most lovely things in the world.  
Honorable mention to anything sold at Gallaries Lafayette as well. 

Who is your dream date? 
My boyfriend, pretty boring answer right?  
He is my +1 to our wedding in April.

Favorite Oscars Look? 
I ordinarily don't care for Versace, or Hallie Berry, but this year 
This is dress is my deco, chystler building, highly constructed dream.

Favorite athlete? 
Without question, I am abnormally obsessed with Steve Prefontaine and the Munich Olympics.

Your 3 closet staples? 
Denim vest, Hanes wife beaters, Chanel handbag.

Your favorite TV show of all time? 

If you could be any TV or movie character, who would you be? 

If you could buy one item of any price, what would it be? 
Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunks

Your favorite Band/singer? 
He isn't my all time favorite, but I am pretty obsessed with Olafur Arnalds these days.

Hidden Talent? 
Answering jeopardy questions correctly without really knowing what I am talking about.  
Seriously, things like "What is Upton Sinclair" just barrel out of my mouth.

What is your most irrational fear?
Red, White or Champagne?
What is your most recent cringe-worthy moment?
All expenses paid, where are you taking your next trip?
What is the strangest thing you have learned through blogging?
How did you spend New Years Eve this year e.g. was it an accurate reflection of 2013 so far?
Do you prefer e-readers or actual books?
Last concert you saw or wish you saw?
If you had to name one thing, what do you wish you knew in high school that you know now?
Who is your fashion icon and why?
Do you blog as a job, hobby, latter hoping for former?


52 lists, Week 8, my first time on the merry-go-round

This is an amazing series put together by Moorea Seal and while I am eight weeks late, I am looking forward to continuing along and even catching up.  Is this list dispositive of every album that I love?  No, how could it be. But every album on this list takes me so specifically to a time in my life and that, for me, is enough.

tallinn, estonia.

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, lies on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, only 40-ish miles south of Helsinki, Finland and easily accessible by ferry.  I spent a few weeks in Scandinavia this summer and was quite taken with Tallinn, one of the smallest European (and medieval) cities.

Stay.  Merchants House Hotel, small complex of 14th and 16th century buildings with rooms all looking in on the central courtyard. The historic buildings contrasts nicely with the luxurious designer interiors 

Do: Spend some time in Kadriorg, a large, forested park with paths to the Baroque Kadriorg Palace, the Presidential Palace and several museums. The cutting-edge design of the spectacular Kumu museum provides persuasive juxtaposition from the cobblestone streets of Old Town.

Drink. Hell Hunt, which is arguable the first Estonian pub.  Despite the name, the bar actually means, “tender wolf” or sheep in wolfs clothing as I like to think.  It has cold drinks, a good terrace and decent prices; the European trifecta, no?  

Eat.  F-Hoone, all things considered, it’s a pretty chic menu in an industrial setting amidst a medieval city.  Located in Kalamaja a very groovy little neighborhood, it is worth the venture.  Check in with the staff as this place also hosts parties.

Drink more.  Levist Väljas, known as “The Black Hole” is a magnet for trouble so naturally I sniffed this out from the get-go. It's a dive and I am probably three to five years too old to go there, but that doesn't stop me.  Its basically the go-to for last call so you can pass out with a flourish and a big ending.

Tallinn is internationally recognized for their ornate wooden doors.  The most photographed door in Tallinn is a 1640 bright red, green and gold door which is located at Pikk 26; it’s the door belonging to the historic home of the Brotherhood of Black Heads.  I personally was not impressed with that famous door, but enamored generally with the recognized door artistry.

Shop.  Rotermann Quarter is a downtown shopping area with clothing boutiques, department stores and restaurants. It's situated between Viru Keskus, Tallinn port and the Old Town.  This is worth a trip if you are looking for a modernized shopping experience separate and apart from Old City.

Shop more.  Viru street in the Old City and its side streets offer a wide mix of shopping, including some obvious tourist traps.  I found a small shop on a side street, which I cannot find the name of, that specialized in intricate wool capes.  Tallinn has a pretty enthusiastic cape culture for lack of a better term, but off the beaten path, and for a bit more of an investment, the individual artisans are creating some truly amazing capes.  I will add a photo of mine here ASAP. 

Fun Fact: To help it regain its sovereignty in 1991, Estonia staged a Singing Revolution. 

Need help planning your trip?  Check out these guys.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Public Saturday Announcement, Take 4.

I read an article claiming that PSA's became a significant force in changing public attitudes on topics such as drinking and driving, crime abatement and various health/safety issues.  False, PSA's are whack.

What this PSA thinks it says: Young adults who frequently text may loose sight of inward growth in exchange for the immediate gratification of a response, irrespective of the outcome or lack thereof.  Accordingly, one should combat this propensities through team sports, embracing your individuality, t-shirt art, ignoring interpersonal conflict, eat nuclear family rules, the ole pizza and television night, dental hygiene, oversleeping and sexual modesty.

What this PSA really says:
1. Dating a guy who wears a cell phone outfit is what is about this scenario
2. Texting with the opposite sex will result in cutting class which is a gateway drug for pornography
3. It is lame, l-a-a-a-a-m-e to date a guy that says "G-morning"
4. Men are overeager to share their romantic relationships with their parents?
5. Girls in high school definitely do not what boys constantly texting them, they would rather cram onto the couch and watch a chick-flick as this girl clearly does at the freeze-frame.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

how to disappear completely.

Do you remember laying on your floor in college listening to Kid A?  Great album, but pitiful word-picture.  Anyway, I kind of considered my blogging hiatus to the tune of "I'm not here, this isn't happening." So you can imagine my surprise, when I realized that you all had in fact continued churning out collages, editorials, things called editorials but are really just collages, and so on.  Printed denim and heroin chic for 2013!  So what have I been up to?  Here goes:

1. Le Bernadin
Eric Ripert's sexy pout is kind of an aphrodisiac in and of itself, but I also ate a lot of raw fish, so who is sexy now bitch?  Unfortunately the 'barely touched' menu doesn't make you skinny as I was anticipating, but I got down with what my dining companion referred to as a "Jewish Flavored" app of Scottish Salmon, Candy-Striped Beets, Pumpernickel Croutons Horseradish Sauce.  Despite my Nordic good looks, you can relax, I am Jewish, he is by association, and thus its like, OK.  Anyway, my point is that never have I tasted such a good Absinthe cocktail since I got shitfaced at Bar Marsella and took my shoes off at the table.  Word to the wise, put on your best mix-ology frock and re-create this gem:  Brooklyn Gin, Lemon, Lavender Honey, Champagne, Absinthe.  Two words: You're welcome.  Lastly, I need to address the floral arrangements; their proportions were to die for! Large fromms with controlled and episodic blooms and I was in OCD-slash-large scale installation, heaven.  Email me if you want to know more, I just thought a retrospective on the caramel popcorn ice cream might be a bit glutinous to this audience.  

2. Wedding Planning.
I totally get that people die over this kind of thing and while that isn't exactly me, I will say I have discerning tastes and a demand for precise and accurate specificity.  I didn't exactly make the seamstress cry but suffice it to say that I sat silently at the venue while my mother, politely discussed a novel-length bullet point list, as her highly functioning adult daughter could not seem capable of doing.  Self-respect is overrated.  The bottom line is that the florist will need a floor-plan before tomorrow at 8 AM and somewhere to store these table numbers.

3. Firefly Music Festival.
I am sort of hoping that when I wake up I will be the type of person who rolls around naked in glitter so that I can finally go to Burning Man once and for all, but its unlikely.  Alternatively, I will stay at a luxury hotel and wear festival inspired outfits for this:

and by 'will' I mean that I spent all morning on a virtual line.  It felt like when I waited on a street corner outside of Sam Goody for Nirvana tickets, but kind of nothing like that at all.

4. Love and Inappropriate Behavior.
Finding someone or something to love is arguably the best adult choice you can make in life.  There is an article out there that suggests that there are 19 ways to know that you are loved.  Is this accurate?  Probably not but some of the suggestions are are reasonable, namely: They think about you when you’re not around (but I think about a lot of things not immediately before me); They listen to you. Really listen (clearly the above mentioned article is penned by a woman); You share a sense of humor (Have you met me?  Who wouldn't?); and They don't hide anything from you (Well that one is just rubbish).  Anyway, this is all ridiculous.  My point  is that I can pin-point love, for me.  Love is letting me sing August and Everything After in full dread-locked nasal tone, from start to finish and not be completely horrified.

5.  Meeting your Friend's new Girlfriend.
I am like 100% 50/50 this anecdote will get me busted if I tell it, so here goes.  We have a friend, lets call him M, who was dating a woman, whom by all accounts was lame on her best day, so we won't even give her a consonant or vowel.  In my estimation, albeit shocking, she was not fond of me either.  Our holiday party this year ended with them having an audible "You shut up" "No, you shut up" argument from our bedroom and she stormed out, in what is now referred to as the door-slam heard round the world.  Being English, M spent the next 20 minutes apologizing, grabbed his wig and monocle and scooted after her.  We all continued drinking, sitting in a very collegiate-like circle making episodic comments about the relationship (as all good friends do).  Cut to 11AM the next day, I am laying on the granite floor eating left over cupcakes Lena Dunham style learning third-hand that the kids done broke up.  So like all newly-minted singles in New York City, he falls in love the following fucking day.  Seriously, one English accent and all the birds come a-flocking.  I have been nay-saying this vertigo-style relationship from day one, but I saw it with my own eyes last night.  I was wrong, you can in fact fall in love the day after you end your four year relationship.  Moral of the story: be a believer.

6. Feh Factor.
I have been getting a lot of mobile messages which contain disclaimers at the bottom like, "Please disregard typos" or "Please excuse grammatical errors."  Is this what it has come to?  As a professional, but also a human being, I find this kind of crazy.  Should I end emails to my boyfriend, please disregard any cheating I might do?  Should I end emails to my clients, if I fuck this up please excuse me?  This trend has Feh written all over it.

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