Sunday, January 20, 2013

DVR, you're my main hang.

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Anyone who is anyone knows that the internet buzz around Lena Dunham and her band of merry pranksters is off the charts.  For what reason? I don't know but here are ten reasons why HBO's Girls is pretty amaze:

  1. Each character is an accurate depiction of the post-collegiate swine flu of self-loathing, over confidence, misery, freedom and narcissism.  Hannah tells it like it is: "I'm scared, OK. I'm scared all the time. I'm, like, very scared all the time” but also dances like a wild banshee.   Jessa married a douche-bag because the sad friend from 'How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days' held a mirror up to her life.  Shosh had a crack-cident because she didn't know what else to do at a party alone.  Marni can’t make it through a male-female interaction without cringing (Charlie), masturbating (Art Guy) or hitting (Elij).
  2. The line between notebook and journal is officially and emphatically drawn.
  3. Adam has a serious condition called Asperger’s but we pretend he is just mildly psychotic and misunderstood. 
  4.  Elijah and Hannah.  See: That girl wears floral capris like her hymen's still intact, but she's such a slut in such a big way,” Hannah says. “In a huge way,” Elijah confirms. 
  5. If Shosh ever leaves the show, my oldest friend from nursery school can easily be her replacement.
  6. Legitimate discussions about sex:  “Sex from behind is degrading. point blank. You deserve someone who wants to look in your beautiful face, ladies,” Shoshanna reads from an advice book, only to have Jessa snap at her “What if I want to focus on something else? What if I want feel like I have udders?"
  7. Realistic, if not vaguely discouraging view on communication.  “The totem of chat. The lowest, that would be Facebook  followed by Gchat, then texting, then email, then phone. Face to face would be ideal, but it’s not of this time.”  
  8. Your best friend from college might not be your best friend for lifeThat’s a tough pill to swallow.  e.g. "Obviously we're a little less close.  We're no less close than that."
  9. Critics have said the show is “trying to be edgy and cool but coming off gratuitous and embarrassing.”  I would love to meet someone who was not exactly that at age 20-something.  Seriously, email me at and tell me all about it. 
  10. HBO's Girls is not an escape from reality like its geriatric cousin (SATC).  It depicts a realistic present, but we get to watch all the mortifying stuff happen to someone else which is why it is delicious.


  1. I'm a bit slow on the Girls train but downloading as we speak. Cannot wait to watch it!

    x karen

  2. i wished i would've started watching this....

    1. Oh you must, check it out at:

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I haven't seen Girls yet since I don't have cable TV, but I really really want to. I watched Tiny Furniture though, also starring and directed by Lena Dunham, and I loved it.

    1. Tiny Furniture was great and in the same vein as GIRLS. There is another, Summer in Bushwick maybe? Or perhaps that is the plot not title. Check out ProjectFreeTV for some episodes. X amanda

  4. This seriously could not be any more accurate!! I have a love hate relationship with Girls the way I have a love hate relationship with my twenties. There are times I have to pause the show and walk away to get over the awkwardness - just wish I could do that in real life too.

  5. This is amazing! Thank you for sending me the link!! LOVE GIRLS!



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