Tuesday, January 8, 2013

monochromatic texture.

there is a lot of photographic tomfoolery going on here, but i am new and will milk that for at least a few months.  all things considered, there is only so much you can wear to a client meeting with an asylee.  i would prefer my office attire to be more chic but i think i am pushing the limits even with this.

dont worry, i will wow you someday.

another topical note, which i have conveniently hid down here, is how i arrived at this outfit, waking up this morning feeling off my game and less than fresh.  initially i thought, black lace midi, accordion sleeve blouse, jumper on the top.  holy hell, that amount of fabric doesn't do me any favors.  i thought perhaps, if i just kept adding black layers, very slimming, i would eventually loose my 2012 weight gain.  no, but thanks for playing.

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