Thursday, January 24, 2013

thirsty thursday: stone fence

As you all know based on your extensive research, The Stonefence Review is Dartmouth College’s premier journal of arts and letters.  This old rag has been kickin' since the 1890's so naturally I pulled out my edition of "Mending Wall," inserted my monocle and starting putting the pieces together.  This was titillating for me, though I suspect quite boring for my two to five confirmed readers.  I mean, this is a Thursday Thursday cocktail post is it not?   Patience grasshopper. 

The interwebs is pretty interested in drawing a connection between this poem, an undergraduate journal and the stone fence cocktail.  Tangential relationships for $500, Alex?  The journal is pretty decent (I skimmed the current edition this morning, so I am an expert), the poem merely references "good fences make[ing] good neighbors" (I have never met most of my neighbors  and the cocktail has its origins in the freezing over of cider barrels.

You know what, forget this Frost malarkey  the truth is that the Stone Fence began as a rum based cocktail in colonial New England.  The hard cider bit from above is true and they would cut the rum with the cider.  With westward exploration, our good ole boys started to distill corn and made some mean bourbon whiskey.  Cut to the present, where we get shmancy and boozy.

Pull it from the bar:
Angosura bitters

Pull it from the fridge:
Apple Cider

Now What?  This cocktail is great to make when your already boozy because its effortless and impossible to screw up.  Even Susan Hayward in Smash Up (1947) can handle this and she was a rich old drunk (behold my future).  Get the glass, add the rocks, give a good glug of bourbon and a good glug of cider; tap-tap on the bitters (two-ish drops) and your ready to roll.  Use an inappropriately festive swizzle stick to stir and get down to business, you know I always do.

As for this red and black and black and red polka dot number, there will be more on that later since it is far too cold to go outside, no matter what, ever.  As always, most of it is thrifted but it does involve a leather fringed apron-style belt.  A little teaser to the right in case I don't bother with a post at all. You're welcome.  I kind of love what a schmuck I am as well as how much lena dunham is rolling over in her proverbial grave right now.  Yeah, I added that text, free will and all.


  1. I wish we had thrift stores in Denver that don't just sell crap from Walmart that people don't want anymore. I guess being closer to the fashion capital of America makes all the difference. You're so lucky!

    1. So funny! I have found some awesome finds in some super rural areas of NYS. I dig the adventure of it all, relatively speaking of course.

  2. WOW..... though bar tending...

  3. Wonderful blog! Check out mine if you have time babe! :) xx

  4. Looks cool,babe!;)

  5. Yum! I love apple cider and bourbon - I love love love Woodford Reserve too!

    <3 katherine
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