Tuesday, January 15, 2013

tuesdays with new york.

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there's a guy named bill waterson.  
hes the calvin and hobbes cartoonist and when i googled gray weather, this quote came up: 
“I like these cold, gray winter days. Days like these let you savor a bad mood.”  

sepia makes you look smart.  i like her, she looks smart.

i'm reading an old leica camera manual and staring into the distance.

more gray.  new york, you're getting very predictable and i am losing interest.

that's lace and velvet and suede and wood beads. nothing exceeds quite as excess does.

why does this woman have no head?  having a head is so 2012.


watch me get focus and then get out of focus.

see, i told you what would happen and it did. made you look.

 william 'd-fens' foster.

who invented the trapeze dress?  its like a bridesmaids dress bodily torture that i wear by choice.  idiot.

i dropped the book into the river, oh well. end scene.

black suede booties, white mtn. (thrifted) // black tights, simly vera (kohls) // beige lace dress, milly // gold tapestry coat, fine & dandy (etsy) // necklaces, various (thrifted)

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