Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Textual Healing.

I have found something equally ingratiating and alienating about blogging.  We look at each others pictures, read each others stories, comment, reply, and have a dialogue.  We do not know each other and modern forms of communication can be quite strange.  

Text messaging is now the most popular form of daily communication, making face-to-face and telephone conversations less and less frequent.  This Forbes article is pretty interesting namely in the reiteration of mis-communications of content and misinterpretations of tone.  The verdict there? Texting sacrifices the quality of communication for the speed and efficacy of progress.
While I agree that a hand written letter and a thoughtful phone call are delightful, I also think texting is kind of amazing and when used properly allows you to say ridiculous, potentially incriminating, and cringe-worthy things with a relatively low degree of judgment.

Left: sharing a mutual admiration for red wine, slow-braised brisket, Andy Cohen and New York Jewishness   
Right: the moment we realized jay-z was working on the Gatsby score and remembered the poetry intro on the 2001 unplugged show with the roots.
Left: there is nothing wrong with meeting for drinks at noon (it was a weekday for the record) and developing a hooker/madam scenario to gingerly play out upon entry.
Right: brutally honest description of intentions regarding sexual encounters are met without facial reactions and thus way less guilt and humiliation
Left: sending a delayed response to a text because you were in fact more lazy and pathetic than the senders own concern for their general uselessness.
Right: celebratory and giddy use of Emojis (panda, gun, present) and Tim Gunn-ing it when there is not an appropriately descriptive image.
Left: Strongly worded and succinct directives regarding the Vindaloo incident of 2011 or other in home culinary adventures.
Right: Image supported boasting and pop culture references as well as developing a thesaurus for the boasting and the pop culture references e.g. Bridesmaids = "movie about cupcakes."

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  1. I think there's a time and a place for texting - quick interactions, sending addresses, etc. But I still think picking up the phone to call a friend and actually chat is so important, and I also think it's necessary to know when to put the phone down and enjoy the company you're with. Haha, some of those texts made me laugh :D

    1. Agreed, there is nothing more exciting than getting actual mail or having one of those really long converastions. Definately a luxury in this quick and modern world. But I am a sucker for hideously public texting!

  2. I'm a texter through and through. My mom on the other hand feels like texting and emailing are the downfall of society, because she thinks people don't know how to communicate in person anymore.... My husband and I have a pact not to change things that have been autocorrected. Leads to some crazy conversations!
    P.S. don't be a stranger, lets get to know each other and we can be blogger friends rather than acquaintances. Look past how I just sounded like a child for saying that!

    1. OMG, I have been having this conversation with anyone who will listen! Not childish at all! You are officially my blogger friend, capital F. My mom can text like a champ (which im somewhat regretting) since we got her an iphone, whereas my dad texts as though it were a letter - always "dear amanda,". If kids can say the darndest things, so can parents!

  3. I love texting too - phone calls are better for things you need to talk about in a timely manner (there's nothing worse than something texting you back too late when it's about something important!) but texting is good for a distraction.

    1. i have the maturity of a 16 year old in a teen movie so i am pretty into under the table texting, party texting about guests, you know, all of the hideous behaviors i would only admit in a forum such as this one. im mostly kidding, but not entirely. ha, i dig your blog.

  4. Texting is amazing. If these were all phone conversations, you wouldn't be able to look back at them later and crack up :)

    1. TOTALLY!!! I am a little mordified at what a jerk i am with it all in black and white on this post but, whatever...i stand by it. keep on coming back around :)

  5. I'm texter. I honestly have always hated talking on the phone so much. I like to see friends, or text but no phone conversations!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

    1. yeah, it makes me think of that scene from girls season one, where she was like 'it is not up to you to fill all of the silences'
      love your blog! follow back on GFC?


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