Saturday, January 12, 2013

3.3 million works of art.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art's earliest roots date back to 1866 in Paris, France, when a group of Americans agreed to create a "national institution and gallery of art" to bring art and art education to the American people.  Thanks guys, we appreciate it immensely and here is why:
these three girls are probably what i love most about new york.  just kidding, i dont even know you but you are all wearing hats and that is cute, even if you texted all morning to coordinate.  
you read my mind, some heads are gonna roll!
i want to take this opportunity to mention how much i truly, truly love smoking cigarettes and state without hesitation that if i didn't go ahead and quit in the name of health two years ago, i would invest all of my money into this victorian cigarette holder and smoke to my hearts content.  a girl can dream.
gold leafing your naked body and giving interpretive shadow performances?  
i guess i have my 'what i did over the summer' composition topic all picked out.
it was so very, very gray in new york today and other than listening to 2:01 of this, this is the most suitable melancholic replacement.  self-portrait, 2013.

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