Friday, January 11, 2013


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wakey wakey westerberg high schoolers, it's time for your teen-angst bullshit to have a body count.  i'm sure, like me, you've seen heathers at least twenty times, making it the most deliciously grotesque mean girl movie evs.  and believe me, there is very little i know more about than mean girl movies.  not familiar? hold onto your shoulder pads.  ladies and gents, we have a clique of heathers and they're basically all cray.  i mean, winona and shannen alone, can vouch for that (defs not holding my breath for a reunion). so, like i said, the girls are cray and the hot guy, played by christian slater, takes his p's and q's from american psycho.  heathers is angsty and bubble gum; murder and playful fashion; acidic and cool.  so heath, whats you damage? the eighties.  no worries, plaid, pleats and color blocking is translatable.

note: this post focuses on the heathers given the fact that veronica is amazeballs and we will come back later to thoroughly decode her murder-day ensemble and funeral attire, cause she nailed it.

Out of fear if nothing else, lets help the ladies out (e.g. i'm a lady, shes a lady, you're a lady, WERE the ladies) and take 1988 into 2013. how? here is how:


       And just like heather chandler says, "You were nothing before you met me."


  1. I am obsessed with this movie! I love the looks you've put together, too. They're just perfect!

    <3 Melissa

  2. That movie is so amazing! I was so into it in the 90's. You've put together some great looks inspired by it! The shoes are really pretty. x

    Fashion Landscape

  3. You have mentioned my cult fave, and now I will have to follow you forever. The accessories in particular are dead-on. Also, do one on Clueless! Even if you don't like it. Cher's skirts are making a comeback!


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