Wednesday, January 9, 2013

(indoor) urban safari.

if you like it then you should've put a vest on it?
gracefully she exits, end scene.


so, i've learned a few things today from a second attempt to capture my effervescent personal style.

1. i'm just not that into me either.
2. i clearly have no idea how to use a camera phone (though some helpful googling directed me toward some    
3. yo girl, if you're going to photograph yourself... shower, varnish your nails, give a little to get a little.
4. i'm going to have get over my fear of self-admiration in public and take this to the streets.  or at least a  
5. i have a lot anxiety about posting photos here but have no readers, followers or comments, so like... hey  
    chel, picasso exhibit tomorrow?

hat, mr. john jr. // necklace, bought at auction // watches // other misc. bracelets, DIY // skirt. vivianwestwood-anglomania (old) // coat, thrifted last winter // shoes, isabel toledo // vest, thrifted // cotton sweater, gap (old) // handbag, vintage LV // 

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