Wednesday, January 9, 2013

big love.

when i set the subject line, i thought oh, wouldn't this be sweet if i wrote it about my boyfriend?  eh, whatever (she said in a tone of digust).  as i was saying... im in the midst of a polygamous love fest between the designers of my #1 snood designer and my #1 hotel.  so what is a girl to do?  i mean other than getting an HBO show (call me maybe?)
i make it a habit to leave a trail of stuff in my wake (chairman of Hansel and gretel anonymous circa '96) so it is no surprise that i left my go-to, favorite, no-sleep-til-snood scarf from ooh-la-la pookie and sebastian in the elegant and understated four seasons Philadelphia over new years weekend. 

lets start with why i love this scarf (see above if a word picture aint yo style).  once upon a time, there was an amazing scarf which provided warmth and waist-length decorative strings.  it's awesome, and it knows it.  the end.  

moving onto the more complex and rich tapestry of my love for four seasons Philadelphia which hosts a surprisingly young demographic (no red flag here nay-sayers).  i cannot sing enough of their praises and will likely also change my name from "amanda" to "amamda" in the next 2-3 weeks (again see above).  you know what we desperately lack here in new york?  amazing customer service.  why?  because its all at four seasons Philadelphia.  obvi our stay was amaze (who doesn't love indoor hot tubs and chic martini lounges) but honestly, the kindness and cooperation of the staff and security to find and return what is seemingly a miscellaneous nothing of an item was above and beyond.  


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