Saturday, January 12, 2013

stay classy upper east siders.

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my really good friend kristen bell was paid as a voice-over specialist  on  a small show about my 'nabe.  i'm sure you haven't heard of it so i shall provide direct quotations where sentiment would suffice.  speaking for gossip girl his damn self (dan) ((lame)), (s)he narrates, "on the Upper East Side, you may stand down but you can never give up. And the bitterest feuds are always labors of love."  and other than wealth what do we love here on the ues?  real estate!  hello, seas 3, ep 20, "they say love makes a family. But on the Upper East Side, everyone knows it's real estate."  never a truer word spoken lonely boy.   as i was saying, real estate is an aphrodisiac like making money, getting shit-faced and only dating men who summer elsewhere.  (dont believe me? call dorians, say a SLU alum sent you).  anyway, gossip girl is just a TV show, i (begrudgingly) live here and i totally only do the first two and half of the second.  eye rolls for the montauk set.  ladies and gents, be the rule, not the exception.  never the less, its true, i barreled out of bed this morning to get my beloved real estate section from the weekender delivery.  how blissfully fortunate, today's feature is about us, us, us, not them, them, them.  so like i said, i woefully packed my steamer trunks two years ago and moved up here.  and to add insult to injury, i don't even regret it! (how common, how very very common) in fact, i'm now a member of the community board and do genuinely appreciate the sanctity of the ues edifice.  and its totally fine that the world keeps throwing up these glass and steel pre-fabs (college grads from NJ need somewhere to live), but lets leave that south of the 60's please.  i dig my brick and mortar but above all, i like room dimensions pre-war and my moldings crowned.  this is the maid speaking by the way.


  1. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! i really love your blog, maybe we can follow each other? (:

    1. hi rhoda! consider yourself followed! thanks for the comment!


  2. Ahaha! I love your writing style! Too funny.

  3. You have an amazing sense of humour.


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