Thursday, January 10, 2013

thirsty thursday.

yo girl!  happy thursday, little tip from me to you... tip your drink into your mouth (omgs, i said that in andy cohens voice). i should check myself in. somewhere, ideally the four seasons (e.g. is what ill say) but probably more like whatever is under $200/night on priceline, which currently, exceeds expectations.  holy tangent.  anyway, lets talk booze.

here at things to hold and stir, we like to...wait for it....hold and stir things.  like, what kind of stuff asked Ty? dressing drinks, vintage cocktails, and anything on the rocks.

so its official, on thursdays, now dubbed things to hold and stir thursday:

omg, what does this mean? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!  every thursday we are going to feature a chic new bevvy from my mixology lab to yours.  we will swig, swirl, gulp, uncork, and a whole host of other vaguely gross things.  think of me as the ms. frizzle of booze.  now, because its 5 o'clock somewhere, rev your engines for some early afternoon Thursday imbibing.  check back in a few and check back often. xo

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