Monday, February 11, 2013

I found NEMO but he just wasn't that into me.

Top:         1. "Yeah, it's more pensive.
                      Damn, I was going for thoughtful."
                 2.  These boots are made for walking and that's just what   
                       they'll do
                 3.  My new favorite store is Blue Tree, you should go  
                      there now and go there often, Mad & 92nd.
Center:     1.  These things are old and on display, does that not just  
                      about say it all?
                 2.  I really couldn't sustain a friendship where jogging  
                      was encouraged.
                 3.  The wedding invitations have been wax sealed,  
                      stamped and delivered.  Yeah.
Last:         1.  That is a beer pong table to my left, combined ages:  
                      63; mental acuity, 16.
                 2. "If she wants to go to an arboretum, BANG, I’m in a  
                       room full of trees.  God, I hate trees. So tall and  
                 3. It is shocking because of all magazines on the stands,     
                     Town & Country resonates the most with me.  Don't  
                     tell my mother, it would probably kill her.


Do.         As little as possible?  What am I, the voice of my
              generation?  A generation?
See.        Inventing Abstraction, (1910-1925): How a Radical Idea 
              Changed Modern Art, on at MOMA through April.
Drink.    Italian Diplomat's at Jones Wood Foundry until you pass  
              out.  Just kidding, how would you get home?  
Make.    Valentines, obviously.  I am not an expert, but I found  
              these tutorials pretty helpful.
Read.     Get a copy of Hello Goodbye Hello, if you don't trust me,  
              read the New York Times review here.
Watch.   DVR'd episodes of Jeopardy.  Get smarter and heckle    
               Alex Trebek, smug bastard.
Shop.      I am loving Blue Tree right now.  Don't be dismayed by  
              the skeletal website, "the merch is amaze."  You can quote  
              me warmly and fondly on that.


  1. Let me just say: I love you. Too soon? Too bad. I found myself genuinely laughing out loud at your post. Love that you have a beer pong table-that's outstanding...and Italian Diplomats until I pass out sounds about par for the course.


    Erin @

    1. Yo girl! I feel like we should re-enact the subway scene between Shosh and Ray! If you don't watch Girls I sound pretty crazy(er). Well, I stand by it! Follow along, there is a lot more boozin' headed down Blogger Alley.



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