Saturday, February 2, 2013

Public Saturday Announcement, Take 2.

Remember all the way back to last week when I started this amazing PSA series?  I sure do, but then again I have a lot of free time and take detailed notes.  This series was inspired by a bunch of articles concluding that PSA's are basically ineffective.  Let us take a look for ourselves:

What this PSA thinks it says:  Whether or not you speak English properly it is important to have uninterrupted meals of meat, fish, carrots, peas, fruit and milk in that order to sustain protien, strength, vitamins, energy, and good bones and teeth.  Ultimately this process will yield strong lung capacity resulting from whistle-use and a sensible cookie reward.
What this PSA really says:
1.  Having a four-course lunch is completely unrelated to childhood obesity in America.
2.  So long as you are eating healthily, abominable table manners are irrelevant.
3.  A cloche pour assiette makes a rape whistle way less rapey.
4.  If you drink milk you will have good teeth, whether or not you in fact have teeth at all.
5.  Follow the rules and you can have a dumptruck full of cookies.


  1. love your informative.wanna follow each other

  2. great post, love number 5;) there is so much wrong information out there about food and eating it can be so confusing!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I am having a major PSA moment, they are pretty hilarious, all things considered.


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