Thursday, February 14, 2013

VD not withstanding, its still Thirsty Thursday.

A Gin & Tonic is a fairly simple drink to make.  Its most basic preparation requires merely gin and tonic water.  Self-titled LP?  Bo-ring, and that's why I spice mine up a bit.  But first lets pay the necessary tribute.  The Gin and Tonic was first served up by the British in 19th Century India, where malaria was rampant (P.S., I am dying for a pre-wedding tape worm!) Tonic water contains a chemical called quinine, which helps treat and prevent malaria. Due to the high levels of quinine in tonic water at the time, it was quite bitter. As a way of making the drink more palatable it was mixed with gin, and the G&T was born. Because malaria was a devastating illness, the drink became very popular.  Bottoms up sycophant!  History is fun but I'd rather make my sobriety history.  Start with a cold glass, from the freezer if possible and add two ice cubes.  My preference is to use whiskey stones, because diluted cocktails should be illegal.  Get a "massive glug" of gin into that glass (read: crystal) and email me at if these highly technical terms are unclear.  I use Tanqueray because that is what they had at the liquor store attached to my building.  Yeah, it's like that.  Noting that I am not by nature a gin drinker, I am happily dipping my toe in the gin pool and hoping to graduate to Hendrick's sometime next week.  Speaking of, how does Joan Holloway get all of those liquor deals?  She's so fly.  I hope she got my bedazzled pen valentine in the mail. Call me maybe?  Holy attention deficit!  Top the glass off with tonic water, a half shot of lemon juice (fresh if  your fancy) and some bitters.  I used Angostura today but have used Lavender and Orange in the past.  Swirl it around a bit and get your double G&T on.  
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  1. I'd love to start conjuring up my own cocktails! I've never had gin and tonic, haha....

    x Michelle |

    1. you absolutely must, though I had the most AMAZING gin cocktail last night called the brooklyn bee: Gin, Lemon, Lavender Honey, Champagne, Absinthe. D-lish!

  2. Thanks darling!! Following you back!!

  3. love the necklace .. maybe we follow each other !?

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    1. Thanks! I am going to follow you right this instant because you sir, sound fantastic!


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