Saturday, February 9, 2013

Public Saturday Announcement, Take 3.

Still totally doing my own Saturday thing...  Hold onto your hat, we take an old Public Service Announcement (they're pretty ridiculously by the way) and breakdown what they think they're saying versus what is actually being communicated  We've done this twice before here and here (amazing I know).  Let us take a look at the arts:

What this PSA thinks it says:  Among the identifiable artistic mediums available to the federally funded education system, classical music, balloon artistry and playing fetch are chief among them.  If you simply ask for more art, your child's desire to attend birthday parties, walk down the street without heckling musicians and play with their dog will dramatically increase in direct relation to the amount of artistic stimulation received.
What this PSA really says:
1.  If you dress your kid like Chas Tenenbaum, he will never be cool, no matter what, ever
2.  When uptight kid heckles a performer, you should flash a nasty to the musician for stealing your outfit
3.  Balloon animals at parties are a waste of time and clowns will always be creepy
4. Stop trying to make fetch happen, its not going to happen.
5.  Lack of an arts curriculum will not impact chores like taking out the trash.


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